sqStorage is a database driven inventory and storage manager. Initially, it was written by Jan Riechers for another user of, a German bulletin board, and later became extended with help of others, shaping a web based storage manager. The original sqStorage thread in German.

It is written mostly in PHP (version 8) to date, but also mariaDB (SQL), HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Smarty templating. sqStorage is currently available in German, English and, Polish languages.

This can either be done as feature request or by the community providing translations. Read more about language addition in the on Github.

The current version is supporting nginx and Apache webserver - and it is possible to host sqStorage by yourself. It is open source after all and can be used by everyone free of charge!

But you also can order and rent hosting, like „“, for a small amount of money. Additionally, password protected access and usage of the user system of sqStorage is possible.

The code and project, since sqStorage is open souce, can be found at Github, and is publicly available under GNU General Public License v3.0.

You are invited to help the development and project with your ideas, donations, or by using paid hosting.

Live online demo

There is also a live demo of sqStorage online to play with, which makes use of the user role system of sqStorage. This demo resets every 24 hours at 3 am (GMT+2).

Following the credentials for the live demo of sqStorage.

To login as a user account who can add, change, remove, and review items, use the following credentials (all without quotes!):

Username: "user" ⟹ Password: "User2022"

As a limited guest user account, which only can view but not add, change or delete anything:

Username: "guest" ⟹ Password: "GUESTtEST1"

Click here to access the live demo. In case you found something not working as expected or missing a feature, send a email to Jan or raise a issue at Github.

Current features

» Place items with basic informations, for example, the title, amount, comment, serial or other article number, and even images.

» Organization of items through custom storage and place names.

» Organization of items using categories and subcategories.

» Quick overview of storages/boxes/chests/containers/rooms, you name it.

» Sort storage area items by category, subcategory, name, amount, comment, or date.

» Custom datafields by optional category with predefined data types (number, text, and possible multi- or single-selections).

» Display the amount of items and positions for each storage area and categories.

» A optional user system with password protected logins and roles (admin, user, or guest) can be added on-demand or completely be disabled.

» Interactive search, even including custom data fields.

» "Quick edit"-mode which allows to quickly edit items from the inventory page.

» Collapse storages areas to be able to focus on particular storages.

» Optional pretty URLs, for example: „index.php“ turns to „index“.

» A usersetting for the start page to make usage a breeth